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Fun, creative, modern company. Excellent company if you want to learn all about the world of makeup artistry, they are cutting edge and are constantly innovating their products and invest a lot in training their staff. Some drawbacks include the rough schedule of working retail and and not a lot of opportunities for advancement.

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But would still recommend it to creative makeup artists. Honestly, really on the fence about working for this company. It wasn't horrible, but definitely not my favorite job.

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Was tasked with doing things above my pay grade on multiple occasions. Simple requests go either ignored or forgotten. Immense pressure to achieve sales goals or else you get consistently written up. On the bright side, the discount was amazing. I worked at MAC for many years as an artist and in management.

I always felt a great deal of support from my managers in my growth and development. The seasonal trainings we received were amazing. I made many friends and awesome memories! Poor management.

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Poor management, stressful, not appreciated for your artistry skills you are just a number. No weekends off at all. SPC discount working with other great artists and learning from eachother. In my time there I learned so much. I'm forever grateful for my experience there. I have become much more confident and reassuring of myself. MAC's standards on employees is beyond belief.

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You are expected to be a top sales person every day you show up. If your numbers are not up to par neither are you. Time and labor issues, poor management. Many times we would not be paid on time due to negligence on the part of management in approving time cards. We were expected to work through breaks and not clock out.

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The management is extremely poor at responding to requests for scheduling help. We are required to call a hotline to record our hours which we are not paid for. Work life balance is nonexistent for a retail counter they expect you to treat like a career.

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Permanent artist. If someone quit, than it falls on you to make their sales! From teens to granddads, we help give confidence to people from all walks of life, and it's what makes our job so rewarding.

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I was going months without a day off. So, sadly, I made the decision to leave MAC.