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Email Sales Representative. Event floor plan software for creating professional diagrams Build customizable, to-scale room layouts and setups with our easy-to-use event floor plan app. The event floor plan creator is included in the Planning Pod software suite Learn more. Event Management Software Perfect for corporate events, meetings, weddings, galas, fundraisers, educational events and more.

Or you can use it as a stand-alone product. Try our online floor plan app for creating colorful event designs that bring your ideas to life. Create to-scale floor plans in minutes Our drag-and-drop event floor plan software makes creating professional layouts effortless. Customize your designs If you have a CAD image of a room or event space, just upload it for an accurate floorplan boundary. Impress clients and boost sales Helping prospects visualize their event is a powerful sales tool.

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Build event seating charts for any floor plan Our event floor plan designer tool integrates with our guest list tool so you can drag-and-drop attendees directly onto chairs for assigned seating charts. Share layouts for easy collaboration Our platform lets you invite team members, vendors and clients to view or edit designs online. What are the benefits of online event floor plan software?

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Build layouts faster - User friendly room layout apps with drag-and-drop capabilities and reusable templates mean you can build setups in minutes, not hours. Output looks very professional - The printouts and output files like PDFs have clean lines, colors and an orderly appearance; it just simply looks professionally designed.

And you can even duplicate a floor plan to create one or more versions. Display more information - If you need to add lots of notes and details in your event floor plans, you can fit quite a bit into each design.

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Integrates with other apps - Many top event floor plan software programs have their own guest list and check-in tools for creating seating charts and managing attendees, and some even integrate with other applications for sharing data across platforms. Great tool for sales - Nothing sells your event services or venue space like showing a prospect what they can expect, and a detailed wedding, conference room or meeting room setup diagram is worth a thousand sales pitches.

Collaborate easily - A huge benefit of having your electronic event diagrams online is that you can easily share them with your co-workers, staff, clients and contractors, and event layout software also lets you open up your designs to having others edit them if you wish. Compatible with every operating system - Online tools work via Web browser, so they are compatible with Macs and PCs as well as many Apple, Android and other tablet and mobile devices.

What kinds of events would benefit from an event floor plan app? Banquets and galas - Great for laying out events that require food service or catering with lots of table seating, banquet setups, stages and floors. Classrooms and seminars - Represent an educational setup with desks and chairs or more of a professional setting with meeting or conference tables. Exhibition halls and trade shows - Exhibit spaces must allow for adequate flow of people through the space, and trade show floor plans let you depict booths, aisles, open spaces, kiosks, gathering areas and more.

Meetings and conferences - Large events with many participants require extensive planning, and floor plans for conferences let you direct staff on how to set up individual meeting and conference room setups as well as auditorium layouts.

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Weddings - Create wedding setups for receptions and ceremonies, where there may be many requirements like dining, dance areas, stages, band or DJ setups, chair rows and the like. Who would benefit from using event floor plan software? Caterers - Build detailed layouts for buffet or seated dinners with assigned seating and designations of guest meal choices from a menu so servers know where to deliver meals.

You can print to scale just as easily. And your printed scale doesn't have to match your drawing's scale. Keep track of your setting in a scale-inpendent annotation layer. Free Support Got a question about creating floor plans?

Call or email us. SmartDraw experts are standing by ready to help, for free! Master Bedroom Plan. House Plan - Contemporary. Save virtual tours of your 3D project as if you were already visiting your house.

Then share the house of your dreams on video. Generate an exhaustive list of materials and their costs.

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Automatically calculates your expenses. Refer to the comparative table for more information on all the features available by version. This version boasts an expanded object library, with even more 2D and 3D objects and textures to choose from. MacOS X Hard disk: To install this software program, your computer must have sufficient disk space to allow the unzipping and installation of 3.

We therefore recommend that you use a high-speed connection to download this software. Read More. Windows Mac English Francais Deutsch.

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Architect 3D Mac Ultimate Easily create and plan the house of your dreams. In three words Complete Design your entire house and garden: rooms, foundations and furniture, etc. Simple An easy-to-use product for beginners or advanced users who want to get into the minutiae of their project.