Install mac os x disk is locked

Start by checking to see if your Mac is actually compatible with a newer version of the OS. You can check the compatibility lists at the links below. You can find instructions on repairing disk permissions in the article: Keep your Mac running its best using these simple tips. This is a similar problem to the incompatible error listed above, except it involves all Macs running macOS Sierra and later.

MacOS sierra Boot error ,Disk utility error 202 and solution

You can use the same links listed above to check compatibility. Make sure the date and time are set correctly. Be sure to verify that the time zone is also correct. Make any changes needed to ensure the settings are correct. There are a number of generally helpful troubleshooting tips that can get a wayward installation back on track. While not tied to a specific installation process, these tricks have been known to correct an underlying issue and get a Mac user going again:. Sometimes these settings can get out of whack, and have unusual effects on a system installation, not to mention causing your Mac to be a bit goofy in general.

Resetting them to their default states can sometimes correct issues you may be having.

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At this point, you should have been able to fix the installation issue you may have encountered. The thing is that I have no access to wifi, the ethernel hub on the imac doesnt work and I am working with a windows keyboard which gets pretty confusing to me.

I tried to delete and reinstall mojave because there appeared a ZEUS trojan. Now nothin I do works. My other iMac works with email terryroberts rogers. Try booting in Recovery mode: Start up holding down the Command and R keys. Then run Disk Utility on the affected volume.

Alternatively, you can restore your system from a Time Machine backup, something you can also do in Recovery Mode. This blog has definitely helped me to understand the errors and the default faults for the Mac OS el sierra, I have had the error while the installation, It is not booting up but showing an unknown error called Mac Error Code 43, This solution will definitely help me fix the issue and solve the error that I was having.

When I woke up the Air in the morning, it would not accept my login password. I started in the recovery mode, used disk utility first aid to repair the disk.

Is a firmware password set?

An error occurred while removing the previous system. Unfortunately, trying gains gives the same result. The Air will not safe start either. I always get flashing folder with question mark when I shut down and reboot. I also noticed that HD is not detected as startup disk. I started from a bootable external disk and tried Migration Assistant to recover my data and documents.

Migration Assistant starts but quits without completing the migration.

Choosing a USB Flash Drive for Installing Mac

Is this SSD shot, anyway to recover its contents? I do not have a recent backup. When I woke up the Pro in the morning, it would not accept my login password. I have recently erased the data from my Macintosh Hdd. I then tried to reinstall mac os Sierra. When it checks for eligiblity, it says request timed out. Please help.

Can't reinstall OS X - "This disk… - Apple Community

El Capitan was the last OS to be listed in the app store—assuming you downloaded it from there. For the usual inscrutable Apple reasons, they have made subsequent versions of the Mac OS harder to find. Right after I installed Mojave, however, the lower RAM slot stopped working: two chimes at intervals. Any suggestions? Revert to Sierra. You backed up your system before upgrading, right? I am reinstalling the Mac OS X high sierra in safe mode.

Disk Locked; cannot Re-install Osx

I only have 2 minutes left to complete installation. I received an error message saying my internet connection failed. I have internet connection.

I do not want to start the 3 hour process of reinstalling this program for the second time. How can I continue installation without having to start all over? Once the clean install is finished you can restore your data using Migration Assistant. This will give you some control over the files you want to restore. For a more granular restore you can use Carbon Copy Cloner. Another way to reinstall over the Internet is by restarting in Recovery Mode is that what you meant by safe mode? Ultimately, First Aid tells you you hope that the drive has been repaired and is now okay.

If so, go back to work. Booting your Mac in Safe Mode may help you resolve your startup issue by not loading nonessential and non—OS X software at boot time. You do it by holding down the Shift key during startup. If you do log in to your Mac, type your password as usual, but before clicking the Log In button, press the Shift key again and hold it until the Finder loads completely. Taken together, these changes often work around issues caused by software or directory damage on the startup volume. They keep track of things such as. You might see the spinning-disc cursor for a minute or two while your Mac thinks about it — then the icon disappears, and your Mac chimes again and restarts.

follow site Remember that your chosen startup disk, time zone, and sound volume are reset to their default values when you zap your PRAM. So after zapping, open the System Preferences application to reselect your usual startup disk and time zone, and set the sound volume the way you like it.