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Featuring friendly UI, high definition up to p, dts stereo, SNS sharing, universal media performance, and many other great functions, Mac Blu-ray Player can allow you to access fantastic Blu-ray enjoyment. The first and best Blu-ray media player for Mac. Macgo EULA. Our software is not developed by or affiliated with Apple Inc. Your MacOS doesn't meet the minimum requirement. Please download Mac Standard version. Please purchase Mac Standard version. Macgo Blu-ray Media Player. Macgo iPhone Tools for Mac for Win. So, this means that you can use the drive with all your devices.

Moreover, the drive has a sleek and compact design to help you carry it easily. And, it fits well on the desk with your computer and the rest of the stuff. More importantly, you even get to use its Nero backup for backing up your Android data. Henceforth, the M-disc keeps data around for more than 1, years.

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This alone is a reason to get this DVD drive to fulfill your data insertion and transfer needs. Likewise, a cool feature is the concentric hairline finish which complements the Zen-based design.

What Is a Blu Ray Disc Drive?

Furthermore, it has a powerful Cyberlink Power2go 8 in it. Thus, this enables the drive to have efficient disc-burning as well. It also helps you encrypt your files more easily. As the sleek model comes with the dimensions of 5.

The all-black frame is a definite win, too, when it comes to design and build. This Dell drive has great RAM and storage, which makes it suitable for all media. This makes it compatible with almost all computer systems, and you can enjoy its functioning without any hassle. Furthermore, the drive is great for both data reading and writing purposes equally well.

Moreover, the drive offers an easy plug and play option, which means it does not require any extra setups. Meanwhile, the drive readily helps in disc burning and disc playing, helping you access all kinds of data. Since it has a small frame and lesser weight, it is highly portable. After all, carrying a gram drive with you is really not a problem at all. In addition, the drive comes with a pre-loaded CyberLink Media Suite, which makes it very user-friendly. So, you can load any computer programs or media files instantly as soon as you supply it power.

This amazing Pioneer drive has a design which meets almost all of your best external DVD drive for laptop needs. For this reason, the modern black body has dimensions of 5. So, the frame is quite compact and occupies lesser space than other external DVD drives. In addition to the spectacular design, the functions of the drive are amazing as well.

Indeed this is a great high-end external Blu-ray burner which fulfills the criteria of modern users. As it is a recent model, its burner works fine with USB 3.

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While running on its full speed, the Blu-ray burner has a rate of Mbps. Since the DVD drive aims at conservation of data, there is hardly any data loss even over the years. Specifically, the 3. Additionally, the backup system of this DVD drive by Pioneer is quite impressive. Similarly, it allows you to adjust internal error recovery and has acoustic management settings too. Lastly, the two of these help the drive to have a nice and reliable backup database.

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Also, the base of the DVD drive is metallic, which provides it additional strength. Conversely, the plastic frame on the top and sides just insulates any current making it safe for your usage. In fact, this white stylish DVD drive holds true to the promise of delivering the best. Thus, this is one of the best external DVD drives for mac options out there in the market. The drive is highly compatible with Mac OS and works well to boost the data transfer processes. Moreover, it has an impressive read speed along with the write speed.

So, no matter if your laptop has a built-in optical drive or not, it will work with it exceptionally. Furthermore, the white frame of the drive is so compact and appealing; it looks great with all kinds of systems. Now, this is what LG has made a huge impact with. The all-black body with the solitary LG logo has a character and style. To add to this, there is a tiny green light at the front for indicating power and functioning. In addition, its read and write speed make it a worthy candidate for being the best external DVD drive. As a result, the USB 2. Also, the drive is compatible with 3.

Moreover, the dimensions of 5. Consequently, these dimensions look even better with the weight of only 5. This drive is just so lightweight that you can take it anywhere you want to if you feel like it. So, no matter if it is your home or office, it is best for all work and play settings and spaces. Furthermore, as it is compatible with Mac and PC both, it works with all kinds of computer systems. At the end, this LG disc burner also has a smooth functioning system and creates almost no noise.

What Features to Compare

The frame has a modern and creative design which impresses people just by looking at it. And, the drive works equally as well as it looks. In addition to it, the DVD drive has a diamond cut design which makes it look cool with all devices. Usually, the problem that persists with most external DVD drives is a lack of security and privacy.

However, it has double security for disc encryption.

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Data transmission is ultra fast with the USB 3. No software included May be a little confusing for the novice to get started. Includes USB 2. The drive operates in a little loud manner Would be better to have a longer power cord. The player comes in a sleek and space-saving size Very quiet operation whenever you watch a movie or read files Reasonable pricing.

Does not include software. Requires an updated version of the Toast Pro to maximize the use of the BluRay burning equipment. USB- powered to eliminate the need for an AC adapter PowerRead, PureRead, and Auto Quiet mode features included Easy to clean the drive because of the way it flips open instead of sliding out Ultra fast and stable drive performance. Installation and usage are hassle-free USB-powered eliminates the need for an external power source.

No software included. Fast and seamless operation An exceptional solution for data backups.

The Best External Optical Drives for DVDs and Blu-rays

Comes with a boxy shape and rather large size. Lack of cable compartment Read speed is limited automatically to 2x once the unit detects a video disc. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search TenBest Search this website. View on Amazon.