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Their love is portrayed through stability and comfort in solitude. Their isolated country home is an oasis, their private sanctuary in a world that is otherwise portrayed as lawless. The tracks for the back half of the film are carefully laid here. There are no paved roads and no institutions. There are no nearby neighbors and no figures of authority. To go outside is to face death and danger.

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To stay inside is to be with Mandy. A cult leader named Jeremiah Sand Linus Roache sees Mandy through the window of his van and decides that he must own her. He must possess her. So he summons a demonic biker gang using a seemingly mystical conch because once again, Mandy is more fantasy than it is reality in any sense and with his cenobite-inspired muscle by his side, he restrains Red, drugs Mandy, and attempts to woo her to his line of thinking. She refuses. She laughs in his face. So Sand burns her to death in front of Red.

And Red, his mouth and wrists restrained with barbed wire, watches helplessly. He is destroyed. He is ruined. Fire has consumed the one element of his life that makes sense, the one aspect of his existence that allows him to have the shape of a human being. Yes, we were.

Parents Aren’t Perfect In These Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ads

You remember what broke his mind. And there are two reasons this is the best movie scene of By this point in Mandy , you can be forgiven for being worn out. Cosmatos is ruthless with momentum, or lack thereof. Characters speak slowly or not at all. They look at each other with longing and loathing. They stare into the lens and into our eyes. Faces overlap during extended exchanges, robbing us of the relief of a cut, of a reaction shot. We are lulled into a sick, unpleasant vibe, a creeping sense of dread that climaxes with a terrifying act of violence.

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We are as worn-out as Red when he sees the commercial. We are as beaten, as tired, as broken, as this man. He is us and we are him. We feel his pain. It is ridiculous. It is silly. It feels just accurate enough to commercials of its kind and era to feel weirdly authentic. And it is hilarious.

Buffalo-Style Chicken Mac 'N Cheese

You may feel like this was a wrongheaded choice for such an emotionally charged and draining sequence. This is him giving you permission to laugh. This moment made it clear that everyone who wants to see Mandy should at least attempt to see it in a theater if possible — the wave of laughter, of pure relief, from my audience was like a gentle rain after a death march through the desert. We needed this. We needed the joke. We needed a break. And we shared in it together.

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The back of half of Mandy is the polar opposite of its first hour. The pacing picks up to the point where there is seemingly too much movie in this movie — it threatens to burst at the seams with violence and gore and relentless insanity, all of which was kept bubbling under the surface in the opening half.

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