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I tried it and from what I could tell, you can't really change anything about the interface design. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but you can change colors and fonts, but the icons and ultimately the overall design remains the same. I'm going to switch because Utorrent has become annoying with all the ads and i keep having to update tracker. I just dumped BitTorrent. For the last 2 days it has been spouting political ads while it's running. Either they've sold out, or the program has been infected. My system tests clean, though. So tired of utorrent - I've been using it for years an older version off filehippo - and all it does now is produce errors.

Tried qBittorent, and all it does is stay on stalled. Found one not on the list here to replace utorrent. I tried to use Tixati 64 bit version on my Win7 64 but it won't even add a torrent file. I tried Halite. It's small but not smallest. It's RAM uses are more than that of 'utorrent'. I also displayed a small window saying it will shutdown 'in a while'.

Didn't shutdown in 10 min. I have yet to try qBittorrent but I don't think it will be any better than 'utorrent'. I am using an older version of uTorrent and happy with it. I don't think I need to switch to any other client. You are totally wrong there. I made the switch a few years ago because I was sick of everything about utorrent, including the interface.

I see minimal problems with qbittorrent, but it's worth the issues considering the epic search function which is extensible through. The only real issue I see is tracker problems, which I believe are mostly due to my own security set up, and a few file-checking issues once in a while. Still, regardless, it's miles better than utorrent, and they are open-source, they haven't sold out, you don't deal with adware, spyware, malware etc, there's a built in function for a custom IP blocklist, the custom advanced settings are many, and overall, it's just great.

You can also prioritize files within a torrent. This will allow you to make sure some files within it will download much faster.

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Most things show up in XBMC anyways Thank you for the review. I like qTorrent so far. I was using Free Download Manager before, but I do not like the new version version 5 alpha. I a was searching for a cross platform client to switch to Fedora or arch someday. It works really good. This feature of qBittorrent interest me: However, the anti-leech system concerns me. I haven't really seen any issues. However, maybe I'm not sure what you're talking about because it has to do with using private trackers?

No, I doubt there's a way to know what you need to know. However, there's a LOT of information choices available in the columns you set for the main window. Very helpful.

Recommend at least trying qBittorrent. Get it from somewhere besides sourceforge though, unfortunately the owners of that website have destroyed a once great software hub. We are looking for people with skills or interest in the following areas: Click here. Skip to main content. Oops, it looks like you are using an ad blocker.

We work hard to provide you our software news and we keep our ads non-intrusive. Please support us keeping our content free by disabling your ad blocker. Linux Windows Desktop Version reviewed: Stable and efficient with a good variety of options. Developers are active and responsive to user requests.

Attractive interface. Good help resources. Clean install. Help resource, though very good, could use some updates.

Best Free BitTorrent Client

Does not support web seeds. Fastest performance on torrents. Development still seems to be very active and responsive to users. Clean install, no addons etc. Cross platform client. Support has improved, but could be better. Not that well known and not accepted at many private torrent sites though the situation is improving. Excellent speeds on torrents, efficient and stable client with a large amount of features packed into a tiny package. Excellent help resources. Streaming capability. Has had critical security alerts at Secunia.

Free Ads Excellent speeds on torrents, efficient and stable client with a large amount of features packed into a tiny package. Has had critical security alerts at Secunia though none on this version. There is a wide variety of options and information within the program and an impressive array of plugins to satisfy any need. Support for VPN and Proxy use is superior. Cross platform. Toolbar install and home page change enabled at default on install. Advertisements within free version of Vuze interface can be avoided by using Classic interface.

High RAM use. Free There is a wide variety of options and information within the program and an impressive array of plugins to satisfy any need. Cross platforms, efficient and stable with excellent speeds, simple interface and clean install.

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Missing some advanced features, third-party add-ons available but not officially supported. Free Open source Cross platforms, efficient and stable with excellent speeds, simple interface and clean install. Windows Desktop Version reviewed: Small, efficient and fast bittorrent client. Lowest RAM use of the suggested clients.

Missing some features. Support is weak. Releases have been sporadic. Free Open source Small, efficient and fast bittorrent client. The best user interface of all listed here has Transmissionbt. Which software can block a specific client and IP? PicoTorrent is a tiny BitTorrent client for Windows with low memory usage, high performance and a native user interface Tixati has web seeding capabilities now. From version 2.

The best just got better. Thanks for the review! Would you consider including Deluge in the comparison next time? Tixati updated to 2. I've been trying qBitTorrent for a while now but I'm fed-up with its bugs. None taken, by the same logic your statement "attractive interface" is equally meaningless? You need to check if the torrent file has the required seeds specifically seeds: Free Kindle Books.

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Transmission (Best Torrent Client for Mac) - 2012

When prioritizing files, they do indeed download much faster than files with low priority. And best of all? No spyware, no malware, and built-in encryption for improved security. Hadouken is one of the more recent creations in the realm of BitTorrent clients. In fact, the only way to use Hadouken is to install it, then interact using its Web-based interface.

On top of that, Hadouken has a powerful plugin system that can be used to implement a whole slew of features — sending emails, unpacking files, mounting images, etc. Once Hadouken is installed, you need to go to your browser and type in the following to access the Web-based interface:. And, of course, it can pause and resume downloads. Those are the core features deemed necessary by MiniGet. Read More. Which BitTorrent clients do you use when you want something lightweight and easy on the resources?

Are there any that I missed? Please share them with us in the comments! Image Credits: Feather Via Flickr. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. For Windows, although the latest version of uTorrent has advertising built-in, you can download an older version that is free of advertising. I use version 3. It is still light, fast, free, and the best. You can get it here: I use Vuze for one reason only: As it were.

You know what I mean. Thanks for this article. I have been using uTorrent for years with no issue, so it was time to try something new. Tixati is awesome. Simple interface, easy to use and easier to configure RSS downloads.

Agree with fristys. Not even for 8GB.

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And for a PC, in , 8GB aren't too much. Why should I try incomplete or featureless software when utorrent works perfectly? Of course, I don't agree with the direction it takes bloating itself with media players and such , but at this time it works. I've been using Transmission for Mac OS X for many years, and found it to be overall a very good client - easy to use, stable, not a hog.

A quick glance at their website shows they have clients for many Linux distros, too, though I haven't tried them.