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OK Starting kernel Total pages: [ 0. Private Nachricht an DanijelT schicken. Code: [ 0. Use the "passwd" command to set up a new password in order to prevent unauthorized SSH logins.

Default Router & Modem Passwords M-N

Private Nachricht an eifelman schicken. BB-Code ist an. Smileys sind an. HTML-Code ist aus. Vdsl mit speedport wv und modem speedport hs Speedport W oder Speedport W V. I can recieve incoming calls from a virtual UK local rate number on the new German Dect phone attched to the Router. I cannot, however, establish outgoing calls - not with manual 2 switching or with Speedialing shorcuts. I get the thre tones that preceed the German "Number Unobtainable" message "Kein anslusch.

Speedport w921v english manual

Posted 1 Dec I realise that this topic has been discussed - but I'm not really that clear on anything that I've read. Can anyone out there please tell me how I go about step by step improving my download speed? Do I need to do any extra config with the router etc? Open ports or such like? T-Online has a good pipeline around Germany and to much of Europe, but its connections into international backbones e. Check our a number of different international speed tests here or ones more local to you here.

Which flavour of DSL do you have? Have you tested the line at different times of the day or week? Contention on the circuit i.

Posted 12 Dec I downloaded the "Bedienungsanleitung" and it only shows a screenshot where 3 MSNs can be entered. Posted 19 Dec The 'DSL' and 'Online' lights are on and green. The 'Status' lamp is off flickers during 'boot-up'. Any English manual for the router config? How about an English firmware? Can I hack, I mean patch the firmware to Linux? Basically I can ping 'www.

Speedport Smart einrichten: Telekom Router anschließen - so geht's

So it is the usual problem when you get a cable modem 'out of the box'. The web config.

And how should I get the internet working? Clicking places causes things to happen, or not, depending on what you don't expect. I am Linux based, and I know that the CD of 'setup' software that comes with the router is usually garbage - should I boot into windows anyway to see if it helps? I have a nice Linux based wireless router that I understand - this piece of cheep plastic that I didn't want I don't understand I would really like to know what I am doing, so any guides on what the thing is and what it does would be really great.

My German ist nicht. The 'convenient' web configuration via What is it about important pages that inspires bad html?

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