Logitech presenter r800 mac os x

Enter the Admin name and password. You can save the file in the user library if you wish. Check it to make it available to you. Now, whenever you want to use the remote with Keynote, start Keynote, plug in your device and from the top menu bar keyboard viewer close to the spotlight symbol , select this keyboard layout.

When you are finished your presentation, reselect your other keyboard so every time you type a.

Use the Logitech Wireless Presenter with Keynote - Mac OS X Hints

Thank you. Keynote, however, now blanks the screen appropriately! Hope this helps. Really elegant solution, and compatible with Mavericks too a couple of slight UI differences, but easy to figure out. Thanks so much for posting!! Thanks for this. It sounds like the fixes are not in any way specific to Powerpoint or Keynote, just a matter of remapping keys.

If so, it ought to be possible to adapt them so that the device also controls other software, such as Preview or Skim for presenting PDFs. Does that work too? Hi, wonderfully useful post.

Mac OS Presentation Remotes for PowerPoint and Keynote

I downloaded ukelele and went through the steps you listed here. The first issue was that when saving the file, osx did not ask me for an admin password.

I saved, logged out and logged in again. The keyboard layout file I saved is not listed. However the input-source viewer in the menu-bar shows the normal list of keyboards. Missing the new one I created. Any idea what might be wrong?

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This happened to me too. In Ukelele, I forgot to specify the correct file type before saving. First, the Keyboard: Yes, I;ve logged in and out five or six times. This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing this great info! I git the start slide to work with my mac but the Ukulele software does not like Yosemite re blank screen however the b button on keyboard works to blanks scree.

This is what I used to get it to work on OS X I already use karabiner and so this is nice. Thanks for the instructions and also about the comment about Karabiner! I found that as the quickest way to make it work in OS X I can start a video but when I stop it it goes back to the beginning. Karabiner does not support Sierra. Please advise. I think you need to control where the video stops and starts using the mouse or track pad by moving the pointer to the progress bar underneath the video on the slide playing. I am not sure of a way to make this work simply using the advance or go back feature of any pointer.

That was a lot of work to the the blank screen working.

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Too much for my taste. However, if you like walking around to present away from your computer using the remote, it is a great way to do that.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Present and Persuade Using psychology, design and aesthetics to present and persuade better. The Logictech Professional Presenter R has some great features: Green laser pointer foot meter effective range with 2.

Button Problem The problem with the remote is related to 2 of the 4 buttons on the remote not working as Keynote expects. If you have a few minutes and want to use this device with Keynote on your laptop, here is what you can do: You will see something that looks like this.

You will then be asked to enter the new output for this key. Type b and press OK. The keyboard will now look like this. There is no. Name the file something like R Presenter and save it. Quit Ukelele. Like this: Like Loading Nick Jeremy Gibbons Justin Kahn February 20, Tim Cimbura Here we discuss three presentation remote options that will assist you in changing slides during your next presentation. It has the following features: Allows you to look at the current slide and your speaker notes portrait view or the current slide and the next one landscape view. Timer option Up to ft wireless range Simple finger swipe controls You need to own an iPhone or iPod Touch to use this remote option…and it only works with Keynote…not PowerPoint.

Here are instructions for how to set up your own temporary wireless network between you Mac and iOS device this will not provide live internet access…just a connection between the devices: Select WiFi and be sure it is on. From the Network Name: Select a Channel: Select Security: None for simplicity. Open your presentation in Keynote.

Logitech Professional Presenter R800 and Yosemite (OS X 10.10)

Select Wi-Fi and make sure it is set to ON. From Choose a Network… select the network you just created on your Mac. Press the home button to go back to your app screen and open the Keynote Remote app. Select Settings. Click on New Keynote Link… and make note of the 4-digit passcode. There will be no worries about getting interrupted by a phone call mid presentation.

Slimmer than an iPhone. Built in timer with silent alarm. Smooth slideshow controls. Works with PowerPoint or Keynote. Less expensive than an iPod Touch or iPhone.

Hint Options

Open System Preferences. Click on the Keyboard icon. Select the Keyboard Shortcuts tab. Click on Application Shortcuts. Click the Plus button to assign a new shortcut.