How to compress files mac lion

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The Unarchiver

Encode Media An important aspect of creating video content for distribution, is the encoding of source videos to meet the hardware requirements of various computers and mobile devices. The Action Interface The following outlines the parameters and settings controls available in the action view: The Settings popup menu 1 offers five options that determine the parameters and vertical sizing of the encoded video: P, P, P, Audio Only, and Apple ProRes.

The Encode for popup menu 2 offers two options that determine the range of devices supported targeted by the chosen encoding settings: Greater quality, and Greater compatibility. Using the compatibility settings produces a lower quality video that is compatible with a larger range of devices. The particulars of the encoding parameters, determined by the combination of the two popup menus, is displayed below in the action view 3.

Encode Media

Output format, data rate, and display size are shown. In addition, the Apple devices that support the chosen encoding parameters are listed for reference. The output settings 4 provide options for determining the directory that will contain the encoded files. You can then mess about with settings, or just click on the File menu and Unarchive your file.

Lion and iCloud and Upgrading Your Mac OS/MobileMe System – Do It Now

You can also drag a. The same goes for Stuffit expander — download it, let it install, and then use it to unarchive your. Got a tip you want to share with us? Drop me a line or leave a comment below.

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Cult of Mac. That's already how it's working the Archive folder gets created on extraction, not on compressing.

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Even better, if you compress a single folder aka your archive contains a single root folder with stuff beneath , it doesn't create an additional root folder. You were correct.

How to Compress Files on a Mac?

Thanks for that terminal snippet. I'd give you an upvote, but I don't have enough rep.

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I don't have a workaround as yet but I have replicated that functionality. Stu Wilson Stu Wilson 5, 5 5 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 48 48 bronze badges. I think you misunderstood what I was saying. Say I have 5 files on my desktop. I need to figure out how to stop that. I've tried a couple of 3rd party tools and they seem to just be GUIs for Apple's own compression mechanism.

So you want the 5 selected files to become 5 individual.

Encrypted Zip for Mac OS X

No - I want the 5 files inside one. I need to figure out how to remove that directory folder inside the. Does that make it clearer? Read the man pages for zip and unzip for a fuller appreciation of what is possible. IconDaemon IconDaemon Featured on Meta.