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Toggle navigation Flashcard Hero. Flashcard Hero for Mac The study app for when you have little time to memorize a lot. Mac App Store. Add images and group cards by text book chapters Drag and drop images from your Mac or any website right to your cards. Memorize your cards with 3 study modes including audio support Have the answer covered, type it letter by letter, or quiz yourself with multiple choice tests.

Quiz yourself with multiple choice tests Have the app generate multiple choice tests out of your cards to test your knowledge or specify your own answer options per card. Detailed study progress per card Focus on the difficult cards and don't waste time going through cards that you already know.

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For my anatomy classes, I use Flashcard Generator. My professor gives us his lectures in powerpoint and with this program I can make flashcards from his slides with a single click.

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To study I simply flip trough the cards with Powerpoint I use memrise. I use flashcardsexchange.

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I put my PAO images in there for testing and it worked out well. It also has a spaced repetition function. Is there anyway to get mnemosyne files from the computer onto the ipad? I have over flashcards sets with a minimum of 50 items each, up to not all for mnemonics! You should import from your sheet and give space race s try Josh.

You might really like it. Not dismissing Anki here at all, just saying that doing things that are different than flashcards, as well as flashcards, attacks the problem from different angles and speeds up the learning. There are quite a few spaced repetition learning sites, flashcards sites, etc out there and they all are a little different.

And there is a wide array of pricing for analogous services, which seems strange. In talking to Seattle area programmers and computer geeks, I hear from them they use Anki and Mnemosyne fairly frequently.

Is there a service that is super easy think secondary education and non-native English speakers using the service to use that is web based? There are lots of reasons for this: Anki is available on all platforms. I use it on Windows and Android. There is a web server to upload your decks to. This means that the decks and scores I get while using it on windows can be transferred to Android.

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I can create lists of cards in a spreadsheet and transfer it to Anki. This makes editing a long list of cards a breeze.

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Best Flash Card Software? General Memory Chat. Josh Josh Cohen November 14, , am 1. Edit, I now use Anki. Are there any other good ones out there?

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