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But the latest Sonoma notebooks have optional support for all three modes. Vendors have tended to talk down 11a because it has a lower range than 11b and 11g; also tri-mode products are more expensive because they need two radio modules - 11a operates in 5GHz bands. It remains to be seen whether new Mimo aerials see BBC story, page 38 will increase the range.

But 11a has other advantages. It offers more channels in less crowded bands and unlike 11g, it is not slowed down by the presence of 11b clients. Moreover, tri-mode products effectively offer two network links in one.

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You can use 11g and 11b for less time-critical tasks and 11a to pass multimedia. Mike Wagner, director of marketing, said the rollout of 11a was delayed partly because of the difficulty of getting Europe- wide acceptance and partly because the original design used chips from two companies.

J We were waiting for a less expensive design,' he said. But tri-mode products will still be more expensive than dual. Proximsold Wifi pioneer Proxim filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last month. Proxim was innovative but concentrated on the upper end of the market, offering extra features for corporates.

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It could not compete when mass-market vendors migrated many of these features to low-cost products. Fujitsu's palm scanner pictured right reads the veins in your hand, which are said to be even more distinctive than fingerprints. Authentication devices such as this can do more than simply police network logons. The little fingerprint reader pictured above left allows you to direct the output of a shared office scanner to your personal folder literally at the touch of a finger.

The devices were on show last month at the opening of a new Fujitsu collaboration Palm reading above is the next big thing. Fingerprint readers left and desktop scanners right still have a role centre near Heathrow. The centre is designed to allow customers, developers and vendors to see and test the company's range of scanners and document- management systems. The centre illustrates how the idea of the paperless office has finally passed from hype to joke. Even small offices get enough paper-based correspondence to require sophisticated document management if they wish to digitise it all for storage, filing and searching.

Fujitsu's entry-level system centres around the Scansnap 11 colour desktop scanner reviewed last month PCW August, page Higher-level Fujitsu systems are usually sold by resellers which tailor them to the needs of customers. There are also small specialist scanners, such as the fif, which is designed to scan the likes of driving licences, ID cards and passports.

It can work with the lid off, with no blinding light, and automatically de-skews the image and crops it to size. You can make three different types of calls: 1, Dial your call normally and this will go out over the traditional PSTM telephone network. J--jCT ri. UK WWW. Researchers at HP say the company can deliver near- perfect manufacturing yields with equipment a thousand times cheaper than that in current use.

The products are likely to contain defects, but will be able to configure themselves to bypass these. The method is a refinement of HP's patented crossbar technology in which two sets of parallel nano-wires sandwich a layer of electrically switchable material. The upper and lower sets are aligned at right-angles to form a matrix in which each node can be switched on or off and the whole can be configured to perform logic. The simple structure facilitates manufacture at the nano scale, at which it can be hard to produce complex constructions due to alignment problems.

The breakthrough involves producing 50 per cent extra wiring to allow for defects, and to apply coding theory already used in some mathematical, cryptographic and telecoms applications. Stan Williams, one of the research team, said the one disadvantage of the crossbar structure is that it requires more space on the silicon substrate. He added that the group has already produced 30nanometre-scale crossbar chips, about a third the feature- size of today's processors.

Using defect tolerance to replace the need to produce 'perfect' chips could provide a huge cost advantage for manufacturers in the future. The development was welcomed by Gartner analyst Martin Reynolds as a trend towards what his company called 'unreliable computing'. He explained: 'This seemingly paradoxical term refers to the ability to assemble devices that do not always function correctly into entirely reliable systems through redundancy and self-correcting designs. This philosophy will extend from the smallest devices to the largest systems.

Yet despite the need to bypass defects, the overall system will be 'dramatically more capable' than conventional products. Gartner says the 'unreliable' or fault-tolerant approach can also be applied to large systems and will become pervasive in IT during the next decade. It cites, as an example, how Google uses low-cost components to deliver reliable global services at one-tenth the cost of a typical server infrastructure.

First holo movie may usher in 3D TV US researchers have developed what they claim is the first truly three-dimensional holographic movie, using a digital light projector DLP chip similar to that used in most of the latest projectors. The breakthrough means that 3D TV could be available in homes within 15 years, according to one of the research team at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. The technique is similar to that used for producing holographic 3D still images. A beam of coherent same phase, same frequency light is split into two: one beam illuminates the object to be photographed and is then focused, together with the second beam, onto the light-sensitive surface.

The two beams are slightly out of phase, producing an interference pattern. The 3D image is created by scanning this pattern with a coherent laser beams. Using a DLP chip instead of a photo- They may not look as good as Star Wars but these clips, from what Is claimed to be the first holographic 3D movie, could be a pointer to the future graphic plate means a rapid succession of images can be used, creating a movie. In the experimental system the image was projected onto agarose gel, and appeared to be suspended.

Another possibility is to beam it onto a stack of liquid-crystal plates similar to those used in PC displays. Leader of the research team Harold 'Skip' Garner, professor of biochemistry and internal medicine, said applications could include 3D multiplayer games or theme park displays, as well as holographic TV. Holographic visualisation could also improve diagnosis of swollen, damaged or malformed hearts, Garner explained.

He added: 'An important next step is to take our proof of principle technology that we have now and move it into a commercial entity. It uses artificial intelligence and language analysis to analyse commands in the context of a manufacturing plan. Organic chips set to increase speed Researchers have found a way round one of the big snags of organic transistors: the fact that they can't be used in fast logic because they resist the flow of electrons.

It turns out that the problem is caused by interaction between the plastic semiconductor and insulators, typically silicon dioxide, used in the transistor. Alternative insulators do allow electron flow, according to the researchers at the universities of Singapore and Cambridge. The discovery could lead to the widespread use of cheap plastic electronic devices, which can literally be printed using special inkjets.

The Jazelle Runtime Compiler Target RCT architecture will help answer a growing demand for battery-friendly mobiles capable of running sophisticated Java apps at an acceptable speed. These rates are only 5MHz and MHz faster than the respective speeds on the predecessor series. But UK Nvidia spokesman Adam Foat said: There was no point in just increasing the core clock speed or putting in more pipes - that gives you a card that runs very hot, but not that much faster.

He added: 'It uses less power so runs cooler and allows the fan to be virtually silent, but with a dramatic increase in performance. The launch came only weeks after ATI release, its Crossfire technology, which also allows two graphics cards to be run in parallel. MSN takes on Google at the desktop MSN has officially launched a desktop search bar in its latest bid to challenge the dominance of the Google search engine. Like its Google equivalent, the utility creates an index of all files on your PC or in any nominated network directory or drive. XP allows you to narrow your search by time and location, if you can figure out how, but MSN's search is likely to be quicker even if it does produce more unwanted results.

It supports more than formats including image files and pdfs. Microsoft, which owns the MSN network, stresses that its engine protects the privacy of users - an area where Google's equivalent has come under fire. The company said: The MSN Search Toolbar is built on the current Windows security and privacy model, which is designed to respect the privacy of multiple users on a single PC by utilising the Windows authentication and user.

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Google Mobile translates web pages into a format more suitable for small screens. Grokster suit raises burning questions A US court decision against file sharer Grokster leaves IT vendors facing a new grey area it was intended to clarify. Grokster, which was sued by MGM, had successfully argued that it was not liable for what people did with its products.

It cited the Sony v Universal Studios case, when Hollywood failed to halt the use of Betamax video recorders because the judge ruled they had legitimate uses. The US Supreme Court has refined that ruling by saying vendors could be liable if they encourage people to use their products to break the law. And it decided this is what Grokster and co-defendant Streamcast Networks had been doing. But what constitutes encouragement? These are legitimate products under the Betamax ruling, but their vendors could now be held liable if they are deemed to have promoted illegal copying.

Some analysts say the ruling could promote P2P sharing by forcing it to go legitimate. Win2K curtain Windows was given a last-minute update before Microsoft ended full support for the product on 30 June.

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Microsoft will now address only security issues in the five-year- old operating system for the next five years. Safe drives Lacie's Safe mobile hard drives pictured include fingerprint readers to prevent unauthorised access.

Seven per cent use non-standard code recognised only by Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Nearly 50 million people have downloaded Firefox, making it the second most popular browser on the market. Sun laptop Sun Microsystems has launched its first laptop, a mobile workstation running Solaris Up to 16 people can play at any time, and it will refresh at an unprecedented 25 frames per second. Your decision in the August issue to build a computer was matched by mine, only I decided to build mine from the opposite viewpoint - as cheap as possible. Less than five per cent of users need a machine such as the one you built.

I now have orders for four machines and several enquires for more. I am no computer wizard although my experience started years back when I spent six months writing a program for the Acorn Electron, only to find out I could have done it on a spreadsheet in two minutes.

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Computers don't you hate to love them? It's got all I want bar a camera flash in a proper phone- sized unit. I've used its Bluetooth facility successfully with a variety of headsets. I've bought a Seat Altea car with a built-in Bluetooth hands-free phone interface. None of the salespeople knew much about it, and didn't have a demonstrator for the Bluetooth, so I bought it on spec. In theory, Bluetooth makes sense for hands-free - no more having to choose the phone to fit a car kit, or being unable to change the phone for the life of the vehicle.

The car manual even spouts on about this standardisation under Bluetooth.


I was totally gutted when I found my phone won't work with the car's Bluetooth. I was even more gutted when I called their helpline to be told, eventually, that it only works with a limited number of phones. Surely the whole point is that Bluetooth is universal. Perhaps some advanced features might only work with the right phone software, but you'd expect to be able at least to make and receive calls! Can you help me? Is there any Bluetooth connection software that may solve my problem?

Is there a firmware or software upgrade available for either the car or phone? I can't even turn off the Bluetooth in the car. If I use my phone with a headset it keeps asking to connect to the car. Please help as I think this manufacturer has sold me the car without thinking through the issue with Bluetooth at all. It might be worth checking if there are any firmware updates available for your phone either from your network provider or from www.

HP unhappy? As long as the operating system is tied to Apple hardware, then quality and stability issues will be the same as they are now, both excellent in comparison to Windows-based PCs. Being a freebox adresse ip vpn mother and a freebox adresse ip vpn champion was a freebox adresse ip vpn crazy dream. Je suis sur un ordinateur fixe, donc pas en WiFi. Bonjour, Nous avons 2 ordinateurs a la maison, moi un fixe et mon copain un portable. La solution est elle de lui attribuer une IP fixe? Adresse IP de votre freebox Un ping sur cette adresse vous indiquera si votre ordinateur communique bien avec votre freebox.

Free Hide IP, free and safe download. Nous vous conseillons d'ajouter mon-ip. Verifiez le clef wifi , saisissez la dasn votre telephone. X par exemple Nous avons une connexion wifi avec une freebox. Byte ip. Pour valider les changements, cliquez sur appliquer puis sur OK 4.

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Impossible d'installer mon imprimante HP deskjet A en wifi!!! On peut alors pour un prix modique choisir un serveur dans le pays de son choix pour changer son IP visible sur Internet. Pour faire simple, si votre adresse IP est Cette adresse est unique. No need to configure this Wifi telephone manually to call on a Freephonie network. Saisissez l'adresse mac du s8 et donnez lui une adresse IP ex: Mon adresse IP Freebox etait : Comment choisir le mot de passe de sa Freebox Wifi?

Manages your Wi-Fi static IP configurations and even switches automatically! Il n'y a aucune adresse DNS non plus. Comment faire un Ping sur une adresse IP. Enjoy a design decoration with family suites until 6 persons, south facing terrace, spa, ski rental South exposure South-West exposure Restaurant Spa. Our guests can leave in the morning with their skis on their feet and enjoy our small private spa in the evening. Quarter Lombarde.

South exposure Pets allowed Restaurant Spa. The hotel has 28 guest rooms, ranging from classic rooms to suites. Pets allowed Restaurant Spa. Quarter Caron. Hotel This historical establishment, which is ideally located opposite the ski slopes, was the very first hotel to be built in this Savoie resort. Our guest rooms are redecorated with contemporary wooden furniture, and equipped with flat screen telev Beautiful textures and colours all contribute to a modern and cosy feel but with a vintage twist.

Rooms have eithe Hotel In an ideal quiet location in the centre of the resort, near the shopping centre and the Sports Centre. Direct access to the slopes. Sun-facing bedrooms overlooking the mountains and the slopes. Free wifi in the salon. South-East exposure South-West exposure Restaurant.

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Quarter Plein Sud. Hotel Beautiful personalised bedrooms. Hotel At m altitude, the Fitz Roy is the highest hotel in Europe, offering panoramic views of the surrounding slopes and summits.